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Dr Richard Williams

Role within the CfCWR

Richard Williams is part of the team developing the skin dressing product designed to reduce scar formation.

Other positions held

  • Co-Deputy Director (Translational research lead), University of Birmingham – Southeast University Joint Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Suzhou, China.
  • Advisor to medical technology SMEs (specialising in biomaterials and drug delivery development strategy and regulation) via role in the Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MDTEC)


  • PhD Biomaterials Chemistry
  • BSc. (hons) Physics

Based at

Institute of Translational Medicine (Old QE Hospital), Birmingham, UK.


Dr Richard Williams obtained his degree in Physics with Nanotechnology from Swansea University in 2009 and his PhD in Biomaterials Chemistry from the University of Birmingham in 2014.

Richard is currently based at the Healthcare Technologies Institute (HTI) at the University of Birmingham and develops and translates biomaterials and reformulated drug concepts into finished products ready for clinical trial and commercialisation. His expertise is in product development strategy and regulatory compliance with a particular interest in borderline drug/devices. He also helps medical technology SMEs innovate faster, cheaper and with less risk via his role within the Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC) programme.

In 2018, Richard was appointed co-Deputy Director of the University of Birmingham and Southeast University Joint Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering in Suzhou, China. His role involves guiding the co-development and commercialisation of healthcare innovations in Europe and China. It also provides a gateway for European and Chinese medical technology companies seeking development partners or access to Chinese and European markets, respectively.

He is passionate about sustainable innovation and healthcare provision and is working extensively with healthcare stakeholders to help generate and drive cheaper, better and faster treatments to patients.

Contact details

0121 371 8548