Photography by James Allen

The CASEVAC Club formed in 2017 (pronounced cazzy-vack, a military phrase meaning ‘Casualty Evacuation’) is a members only club for those seriously wounded in combat during recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The CASEVAC Club was created in the image of the Guinea Pig Club, formed by downed WW2 aircrew who experienced serious burns and subsequently contributed to the development of plastic surgery.

The Club follows in their fore-bearers’ footsteps by creating the conditions for a lifetime of cohesion and contributing to the advancement of medical science, whilst striving to add value through their charitable and pro-social agenda.

The CASEVAC Club have partnered with the Scar Free Foundation to support the establishment of The Centre For Conflict Wound Research in Birmingham. The Club will practically support studies conducted through the centre in the hope to advance medical science and treatments for all.