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Dr Kristian Brock

Role within the CfCWR

Mr Brock is a Senior Statistician within the D3B team at the University of Birmingham. The D3B team are supporting the delivery of the decorin anti-scarring dressing trial within the CfCWR.


  • PhD Statistics
  • MSc Statistics
  • BSc Mathematics

Based at

Institute of Translational Medicine, Birmingham.


Kristian is a senior biostatistician at the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Birmingham and the statistical lead for D3B, a trials team founded in 2016 to run early phase trials. He started his career in finance, switching to medical research in 2014. Kristian conducts statistical and trial methodological research on ways to increase efficiency in clinical trials with restricted sample sizes. This includes dose-finding methodology, seamless phase I/II methodology, Bayesian methods, the incorporation of predictive information in biomarkers, and methods for repeated measure, simulation, and hierarchical models. He has trials in many disease areas, he recently submitted a PhD thesis on efficient early phase clinical trial design, and he is the author of statistical clinical trial software.

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