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Dr Leah Fitzsimmons

Role within CfCWR
Leah is the Patient & Public Involvement Manager for the SFF-CfCWR (Maternity Cover for Laura Nice)

Other positions held
SRMRC Patient & Public Involvement Manager (Maternity Cover)

BSc Medical Biochemistry – University of Birmingham
PhD Viral Oncology – University of Birmingham

Based at
Institute for Translational Medicine, University of Birmingham

Leah is a Patient and Public Involvement Manager. Her role is to ensure patients and the public have meaningful and rewarding involvement in University of Birmingham medical research. Leah has a background is research and investigated how viruses contribute to cancer from 2009 to 2017. In 2018 she took up a role in the University of Birmingham’s Public Engagement Team to ensure that researchers from every discipline across the institution could access support and guidance on how to engage members of the public with their work. Leah is also an Ambassador for the charity Sense About Science and is committed to helping ensure research something everyone can access, influence and use.

Contact Details

07921 620032